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What to Expect as We Begin the Process.

In the beginning, we’ll have a brief call to determine exactly what your case is and will have the opportunity to discuss the specifics. After that initial conversation, you can expect to receive a follow-up email from me for your review, reiterating the particulars of our call.

At this point, you will need to decide if I’m a good fit to represent you in your case — this is very important, as I firmly believe in the importance of selecting an attorney that you feel is the best person to represent you during a difficult time and while in the midst of life-changing events.

If the answer to that question is yes, the next step is to finalize our agreement and then begin to gather the necessary documentation that is required by the court. While the paperwork needed varies depending on the type of case and will be particular to the matter you need resolved, the process begins the same way.

At a minimum, you can expect to receive the following from me in order to move forward with your case:

  • Engagement Letter to be signed and returned to formalize the attorney client relationship;
  • Request for Retainer to be satisfied prior to work beginning on the case;
  • New Client Memorandum which identifies all documents needed for the case, which can be sent via email or uploaded to OneDrive or Dropbox;
  • Family Law Handbook from the Administrator of the Courts, which provides a concise overview of the process.

Finally, I will send a separate email with a link to an Encrypted Webpage where you can provide personal information securely. This page requires the basic data needed to prepare initial documents, along with a request for financial information which is necessary to provide to the Court in the majority of Family Law cases. Once these steps have been taken, our real work together to find the best possible outcome in your case will begin.