Style and Practice Areas.

In all cases, I am a compassionate, savvy and strategic partner to my clients. If a cooperative approach can be utilized to resolve matters, I believe that is truly the best for all concerned. However, when the possibility of amicable resolution is extinguished, my years of experience and protective ferocity are unparalleled assets in achieving the best possible settlement available to my clients.

In my practice of Family Law, I focus specifically on Dissolutions, Child Custody and Domestic Violence matters. Below is a brief sketch of the types of cases I excel in bringing to resolution:

  • Dissolutions
    In the eyes of the state of Washington, straight and same-sex marriages and relationships are generally treated in the same way. Both straight and LGBTQIA+ couples who are married or in long-term Committed Intimate Relationships (CIR) may find they need expert representation when a decision to part ways is made.

    Within the category of Dissolution, there are straightforward Divorces that can be settled amicably; High-Asset Divorces that involve significant financial holdings and require extensive knowledge and experience to finalize; and High-Conflict Divorces with truly unsolvable and significant disagreements between the parties where a cool-headed attorney with a specialized skill set is a necessity in successfully resolving the situation.

    Asset Division is also within the category of Dissolutions. When a couple decides to move on from a long-term relationship, whether a marriage or cohabitation, there are many layers of complexity in deciding who gets what. A fair division of assets and property is always my goal, and can be a very important piece of the puzzle in ensuring that all parties can put their best foot forward as they walk into their future lives.

  • Custody, Parenting and Support Plans
    In relationships involving children, there is an additional requirement to provide the best future living environment for the minors in the situation. Crafting a Parenting Plan/Custody Agreement that equitably defines roles, responsibilities and residence requirements, as well as a Child Support Plan for their ongoing and future needs, benefits not only the children but both parents as well and is an imperative element in ultimately setting the entire family up for success. My commitment in such cases is to help provide a thriving future for those children, keeping their best interests top of mind through to a successful settlement of the case.

  • Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection
    Domestic Violence can take many forms, manifesting in behaviors that include physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological and/or technological abuse or any combination of the six to gain or maintain power over the victim. While the majority of these claims are part of Dissolution matters involving partner or ex-partner violence, some cases involve other family members such as siblings, parents, extended family members or caregivers. I strongly believe that no one should be made to suffer violence at the hands of another and am passionate about using my power as an attorney to leverage Orders of Protection and every other legal avenue available to protect victims in such proceedings.